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Sick of Spending $$$ On Leads
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Flushing $$$ down the drain because your email automation sequences going to Spam?

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so you never end up in their Junk Folder Again!  

  • Train Your Staff: Make sure your staff explains this on every new lead call to the office!  Have them send an email while on the phone and walk them through what to do.
  • Send In Your Emails: Put the link into your email sequences right off the bat so they don't miss the next one.  Add in curiosity and a free gift or eBook to give them a reason to add you as a contact.  
  • Use in Your Facebook Bot: Add the link to your Bot so they add you as a trusted contact from the start and your new lead will start trusting you immediately!  
  • Put a link on your funnel:  You can add this in on your website and funnel for new lead onboarding.  

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